Spare parts availability is guaranteed long after the delivery of our equipment

We’re proud to be part of the largest after sales and support structure within the industry to help you get the very best from our products at all times.

Extensive inventory of spare parts

We offer an extensive inventory of genuine components for garbage trucks and sweepers, such as axels, bushings, hydraulic cylinders and electrical components ensuring that fit, function and reliability are guaranteed when maintaining or repairing our equipment.

We supply quality replacment parts for leading manufactures of municipal vehicles and equipment including but not limited to: Terberg, RosRoca, Schorling, Bucher, Johnston, Beam, Dennis Eagle, Eurovoirie, HS-Fahrzeugbau.

Our extensive inventory of genuine parts helps us fulfill a high percentage of orders directly from stock. Specialists have access to our customer database and documentation to determine the appropriate spares based on your equipments serial number.

Distributor network

We also work closely with our network of our distributors throughout the world. If we don't have a distributor in your country or region then we will supply you directly.


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